Welcome to Golden Greece Cannabis Holdings

The country's progressive attitudes toward cannabis, coupled with the Hellenic Republic’s government's liberal regulatory policies attracts a growing number of international investors who are getting on the Greek cannabis wagon, which they see as the best vehicle for transforming the medical cannabis field, still in its infancy, into a pharmaceutical-level industry.

Why invest in Golden Greece Cannabis Holdings?

With Golden Greece Cannabis Holdings you don’t just partner with an exponentially growing pharmaceutical company, agro-business or investing in wellbeing. You become part of Golden Greece ecosystem. 

The famous saying goes: "Ninety per cent of the diseases known to man are caused by cheap foodstuffs. You are what you eat." The industry we are involved in indeed has all three components – we cultivate plants then derive certain elements to be used in pharmaceuticals and health products in order to enhance human wellbeing.

The best description of our business model is the following- we are in the early stages of integrating relevant infrastructure and services into agricultural ecosystems in Greece. Agroecosystems in turn provide humans with food, forage, bioenergy and pharmaceuticals and are essential to human wellbeing. We support biodiversity and sustainability. We utilize the tremendous advantages of existing agroecosystems with the variety of services that they already produce such as regulation of soil and water quality, carbon sequestration, etc. and incorporate our services, some of them proprietary, that we provide to industry participants. One example of such infrastructure and services provision is our Cannabis Park concept - massive indoor growing fields ( www.ggcp.com ) . We are progressing from being a group of nitty gritty medical marijuana producers to large scale project managers to creating a Golden Greece ecosystem, where Golden Greece Cannabis Holdings becomes what is known as ‘network orchestrator’, which in due time will encompass areas from medical and in the future recreational marijuana production, branding, marketing, research and development facilities, to traditional health and medicine to biotechnology and health technology to medical devices and paraphernalia, payment services and investment platforms.


a crowdfunding platform that enables beginners alongside experienced investors to participate in cannabis projects in exchange for tokens starting with as low as 420


Park’N’Go -for the 420.000 euro. GGCP-the Cannabis Park operator, cultivates and distributes the product through affiliated LP's. The investors will be receiving the net wholesale proceeds of the sales after each harvest.


investor acquires equity in Golden Greece Holdings S.A. or one of it's affiliates. Minimum investment is 4.2M

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