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Golden Greece Cannabis Holdings was founded in Greece just prior to the confirmation by the country’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras that GREECE has become the sixth European country to legalize cannabis for medical purposes. The leader revealed that scientific researches confirm the effectiveness of marijuana and patients could soon see the new cure for a range of medical conditions and physical problems including chronic pain, PTSD, from helping fight Glaucoma to controlling epileptic seizures, to helping prevent cancer from spreading to slowing Alzheimer’s to easing multiple sclerosis pain, to reducing Hepatitis C side-effects, to treating inflammatory bowels, to relieving arthritis pain, to helping you get through chemo and to a lot more.

Our story:

We started out in Greece a few years ago literally with Odysseas Elytis, the Greek poet and Nobel laureate in mind, who once wrote: "If you disintegrate Greece, in the end you'll see that what you have left is an olive tree, a vineyard, and a ship. Which means: with these you can rebuild it." In reality good news were hard to come by - for instance for years, Greek farmers hadn't branded or bottled their olive oil. Instead, they'd sell it to Italy and Spain in bulk. There, it was bottled and sold as Italian or Spanish olive oil around the world. Almost all of the wine consumed in Greece was bulk inferior varieties, supplanting premium high quality ones. Banks had mostly stopped lending money, even to healthy businesses, while the government sold the formerly public Agricultural Bank of Greece to a private bank in order to raise money and repay its creditors. And to add insult to injury , Greece with its rich soils and superb climate was actually importing produce.
Richard Pine, a columnist on Greek affairs for The Irish Times, wrote: “It’s absurd that Greece should be a net importer of fruit and vegetables. The country imports over 15,000 tons of tomatoes each year, at a cost of $11.6 million, when it should be a net exporter of agricultural produce. A Greek tomato actually tastes like a tomato, not a synthetic GM lookalike with more air miles than Pope Francis.”

The ability to be bold and take risks is important for any business, yet needless to say we knew we had to tread cautiously. We figured that producing, branding and exporting own high quality olive oil would be our best starting bet. We convinced the local farmers to start all over, brought in capital , got to work and Greece’s climate and geography did the rest as we had expected. Pretty soon Golden Greece Olive, as the company was called back then started churning out profits. But in the end becoming yet another olive oil producer turned out not to be our ultimate goal. Something else was beginning to come together. If we look at our team members they came from all walks of life, some of us had spent years working with the US and Canadian publicly listed companies and whose forte is capital markets, others have extensive legal and technical backgrounds. The global medical marijuana production back then was gaining momentum with its market size valued at USD 11.4 billion in 2015 and was projected to grow considerably, so the money was there as well as the emotional appeal, since the awareness regarding various medical applications such as pain management, appetite enhancement, migraine and arthritis treatment, reducing eye pressure was rising. In fact one of us had witnessed his relative’s effects of cancer reversed through application of Phoenix Tears – a derivative of cannabis oil.
We realized that the cannabis industry was much more than just grow operations and dispensaries, yet most of us couldn’t boast of considerable industry experience. It was unlike any industry we had ever worked in with all its regulatory, supply chain, banking, taxation, advertising, and stigma aspects.
Golden Greece Cannabis was born and eventually morphed into Golden Greece Cannabis Holdings.


a crowdfunding platform that enables beginners alongside experienced investors to participate in cannabis projects in exchange for tokens starting with as low as 420


Park’N’Go -for the 420.000 euro. GGCP-the Cannabis Park operator, cultivates and distributes the product through affiliated LP's. The investors will be receiving the net wholesale proceeds of the sales after each harvest.


investor acquires equity in Golden Greece Holdings S.A. or one of it's affiliates. Minimum investment is 4.2M

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