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Welcome to Golden Greece Cannabis Holdings


Golden Greece Cannabis Holdings S.A (GGCH) is a diversified investment and holding company mainly focused on cannabis production (medical and hemp) and related sectors operating in Greece and beyond.

Strategic Capital + Functional Expertise
to Support a Diversified Portfolio of Holdings.

“ The Veroia site will create more than 2,000 jobs in the next two to three years, according to Georgios Zafeiris, Chief Executive Officer at Golden Greece Holdings, the company responsible for coordinating the project’s group of 10 investors from countries including Canada, Kazakhstan, Poland and Israel.” - Bloomberg LP

Founded: June 2015
Head Office: Thessaloniki
Portfolio: Equity investments in medical
marijuana and related sectors


a crowdfunding platform that enables beginners alongside experienced investors to participate in cannabis projects in exchange for tokens starting with as low as 420


Park’N’Go -for the 420.000 euro. GGCP-the Cannabis Park operator, cultivates and distributes the product through affiliated LP's. The investors will be receiving the net wholesale proceeds of the sales after each harvest.


investor acquires equity in Golden Greece Holdings S.A. or one of it's affiliates. Minimum investment is 4.2M

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